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Finnish lyrics

Otsikko Aihe
Alla aaltojen Kuolema
Pimeyden valtakunta Saatana
On aika viekas vierelläsi Rakkaus
Kävelin metsään Kuolema
Synkän metsän keskellä Pimeys
Taakse tähtien tuhansien Pimeys
Voima pimeydestä Pimeys
Ei armoa, ei jumalaa Kuolema
Kuin ääretön avaruus Kuolema
Murhan huumaa Väkivalta
Jumalan murha Saatana
Kaikki minussa Kuolema
Taivaanranta Rakkaus
Opetit minut itkemään Rakkaus
Aamun usva Rakkaus
Yöllistä rakkautta Rakkaus/kuolema

English lyrics

Title Topic
The Void of a Life-Drained Mind
(by Ur-Quan)
No Dreams Suicide
Polluted Violence
Emptiness Philosophy
No future for the dead Philosophy
Into the oblivion Death
You're mine now Love
Snow Queen Love/death

The Void of a Life-Drained Mind (by ur-Quan)

Like flower long since dead
Air as heavy as lead
Rotting flesh
Stretched upon broken bones
Walkgin corpse
Enslaved soul silently mourns

Hopes for freedom
Only death can give
Yet still afraid
Unwilling to receive

Not ready to embrace
The gift of endless rest
Continued suffering
Weak beats inside the chest

An empty shell
That once was full of life
Condemned to dwell
Without the will to strife

Endless days
Filled with bleak despair
Thoughtless mind
Damaged beyond repair

It yearns to die
To end this pointless pain
But flesh is weak
All efforts are in vain

One lonely thought
Still lingers in the mind
Hopes turned to naught
Tortured, broken, blind

Wretched voice fades inside
The body walks, but soul has died